Interpretation One

This Obulette is an energy profile of the history of the planet Earth.  All things of balance are depicted through the compliments of terra firma and the Earth’s water, wartime and peacetime, and knowledge of the mind vs. feeling of the heart. An explanation is graphically offered regarding the new balance of female to male energy.

A double amount of feminine energy now balances the aggressive male energy as Earth moves into the nurturing forces of the Divine Feminine. God energy radiates from the center surrounded by energy of the individual soul. As this image spirals outward, it represents the expansion of One Soul into the consciousness of All Humanity. What is of one person is to be expanded for all of mankind as Unity prevails.
First Obulette Wanahna

Interpretation Two

This is Sister Earth, Blessed One, the jewel of the galaxy, and to some the Precious One. As she was developing, many beings came to be with this planet who watched, hoped, and participated in its growth. A Council of many energies came together to bring the Earth into existence in the way we know it as based on Love, Trust, and Faith. The big brothers and sisters have all accomplished their tasks and now the focus is on this precious, beautiful Little Sister. She knows she is totally supported and loved. She is glowing. She knows she was chosen, and she is ready, willing, and able to be the Chosen One.

The Council gave us tools and presented to the human population, abilities with the purpose of bringing more light energy into the Universe, moving from darkness to light. In that movement there is an intense burst of energy, a burst of awareness that provides substantial amount of light energy to the Universe.

There is a delicate balance and sure-footedness of Sister Earth at the same time. There is a vast richness of abundance, courage, depth, imagination, and over-joyousness. There is drama and laughter, sorrow and abundance, courage, depth, and imagination. There is drama and laughter, sorrow and hatred, a whole complexity of issues and feelings brought together to create this very fertile place which allows us to experience anything we need to experience to create that light energy.