Interpretation One

Atenna represents various portions of our consciousness versus our subconsciousness. It covers our dreams and Higher Self and the collective unconscious. We are connected to both our inner self and on another level, through the sub-conscious to others. Note the variety of ways people connect with each other. First is verbal communication but they then cross into the subconscious to connect more deeply. Atenna describes that we are connecting the inside with he outside.

There are ways we move into different realities. One symbol on this Obulette is the button we push to move into the subconscious. Some choose meditation, others take drugs and still others move into the dream state of sleep. We can move our reality into our dreams or bring the realness of our dreams into our awake conscious state.

Another symbol here represents and Experience of a relationship. It could be a marriage, a job, a sibling, or any opportunity that brings two people together. These experiences give us an opportunity to move into the subconscious. The yellow in the center portion represents information and the truth that we are all connected. The orange explains that love, unconditional love, equals truth for all. We are all connected and all the same.
Obulette Atenna

Interpretation Two

Attena is about Hope, Love, and New Beginnings. It is about expectancy, the possibility of what could be birthed, anticipation, the fruit growing, the future and what the event will eventually look and feel like. There is anticipation and yet serenity, purposefulness as if everything is in its place, without question, even though the answer may be unknown. This is a snapshot of just before the event is about to occur, a space of calm and excitement at the same time.

This image also depicts a time, a moment in our lives when we are totally comfortable with ourselves, involved with our total selves, the many aspects, and dimensions of ourselves. This explains our multi-dimensionality of our quantum aspects.