Interpretation One

Annex graphically describes the expansion of time and awareness in a more advanced capacity than we now experience. The four quadrants of this graphic are the Past, Present, Future and Trans-dimensional. They also show the rotation of the Earth. The four aqua-green bars extruding from the center white circle represent Directions and Seasons. There are four of each, all to help us understand time. Various shapes also depict the feminine and masculine parts of time, the feminine being Biological Time and the masculine the framework of the Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
Other symbols explain time out of place or Deja-Vu, wasted time as in time used for thinking that gets us nowhere, a time to rest, holes in the framework of time and portals to different times. One shape represents safety and stability like something that can be counted on when our past haunts us and our future draws us in. The four large mauve spiral shapes are connected with the concept of Eternity, no beginning, and no end. It is possible to be at the beginning and end at the same time. Eternal Knowing relates to going into self-time or time spent with oneself. Eternity is the connection with All That Is, as it takes one back to the beginning. The beginning is back home where you started which is a soothing place of much love.
Obulette Annex

Interpretation Two

This image seems to depict all the emotions a heart goes through, all held together by love.  It is a powerful force through healing, gentleness, rejuvenation, and rebirth. In addition to the joy and love there is also pain, sadness and wounds that are being healed.

This is a picture of transformation. Love holds the space for the tears and the quietness that happens after the teas. 

It is the sinking down deeper into those feelings while still all held in love. It is the release of sorrow and beginning to wake again. It is a feeling of openness where there was heaviness.  A feeling of healing and joy come flooding into that space filling it with love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance. The center pulsates with peace, a calm an acceptance.