Obulette Maytex

Atlisse Visual Creations

“This work you’re doing is very powerful.

There is a connection being made in the Earth, the Past, Present and Future that will help change the energy of the planet and will live on and on.

It will be one of the Ancient Writings.”

~ KRYON  May 21, 1996

Atlisse means:
Sharing the Knowledge and, in this case, the Knowledge is Truth


Carol’s Portfolio has two classifications.

The artwork is separated into three galleries. The first gallery displays and explains Obulettes. The second gallery displays Watercolor paintings. The third displays Paper Sculpture, which has seven categories: Southwestern, Floral, Victorian, Saltwater, Saga, Cultural, and Energy. The Creative Writing includes, books, lyrics and poems, written by Carol.


Carol likes to say she stretches the definition of paper especially with her 3D artwork. Her artistic talents and spiritual leanings have led to a wonderful display of energetic and healing pieces.

Creative Writing

The lyrical sound and feel of rhyming always captivated Carol’s love of the English language. Capitalizing on this has led her in a professional direction of having fun while enjoying the process.

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