Understanding Obulettes

These 12 round images are pictorial oracles. Obulettes are similar to Mandalas. Obulettes are oracles of the Energy of Light.  They are imbued with in-depth information from the Universe.  These Obulettes will help you remember the Universal Truth, Your Truth.

They act as searchlights drawing energies from the Universe and connecting these energies with the Earth, representing an extreme coming together, a vortex.  They are powerful beyond words and their meanings will become extremely important during a stage of the Earth’s development in the future.

Each Obulette is of a healing vibration and the viewer will receive information that resonates to their own uniquely individual energies.  

This works on blockages, thought, and behavioral patterns that may be restricting spiritual growth.

Just as each viewer receives different information, one viewer may interpret an individual Obulette differently each time while meditating upon the same image.  As you click on each image below, it will bring you to a page with interpretations from the same person doing readings twelve years apart.  You, of course, may acquire completely unique information. 

Experience Each Obulette