Photo of Carol Lehnert with Lake Tahoe in the background

About Carol

All who view Carol’s numerous and varied creations are inspired by her creative nature and unique ideas. She is “shining her light” and bringing joy to the world as she continues to follow her delight in the arts.

About Carol,
the Spiritual Artist

As a spiritual artist, Carol Lehnert has channeled a series of mandalas referred to as Obulettes. These Orbs of Light are the history of the universe and hold information and healing energies for all who view them.

Obulette Galaxia

Carol’s Chronicle As An Artist

Color, texture, and form have always inspired Carol. She began creating 3D objects at an early age. She progressed to mediums including paper sculpture, stained glass, polymer clay glassware, pottery, foam art greeting cards, painted resin figures, knitted objects and book arts.

Carol’s graphic art business, Crystal Nectar Artworks, operated from1981-1989. During that time, she began selling her wall art paper sculptures in furniture galleries in San Francisco. Carol’s freelance work included marketing materials such as brochures and stationery. Also, she created illustrations for publications. Her clients included the San Jose Mercury News, Marie Callender’s and other various businesses.

Creative Writing

Carol’s writing skills include a published children’s book, poetry and song lyrics. Carol published her first children’s book, Cameo’s Capers, in 2021. Cameo’s Capers is based on her experience of bringing kittens into her household.  Cameo’s Capers is published by Peter Biadasz, of Total Publishing And Media. This book can be purchased on Amazon.

Awards & Prizes

Color, texture, and form have always inspired Carol. She began creating three dimensional objects at a young age. Poster contests were a favorite and she won first place for a number in her high school announcing their annual operettas. At age 8, Carol won 3rd place, in a statewide Humane Society contest. At age 10 she was awarded $5 for a Strawberry Supper poster contest for her church. Also, a church sponsored contest, Carol was a national winner, placing in the top ten, in the 45th annual Stewardship project.

Carol won first place in the national Grange sewing contest. The following year she won first runner-up in the Singer Sewing Contest at age 15. The prize was a trip for 2 (Carol and her mother) to New York City. The award was presented on the stage of the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel.


Award winning Paper Sculpture, titled Cruise
Paper sculpture
for which Carol won a cruise (for 2) to Alaska

Carol’s paper sculpture artwork won a cruise to Alaska through KGO-TV in San Francisco. The cruise inspired Carol’s love of travel. That love of travel led her to accommodate her bucket list, of traveling to all seven continents on the planet by 2015.


Carol was born in Massachusetts and showed talent in the arts from a very young age. She received a BFA in Visual Design – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 1973. After receiving her BFA, she made California her home. Carol met her husband of 28 years in South Lake Tahoe, where they built their home.

While living in San Jose, Carol stepped into the corporate world and then later moved to Roseville. She held a fourteen-year career with the Heinz Corporation. She became Corporate Account Manager for her sales team. After her husband’s passing, she moved full time to live at the “Lake of the Sky”.