Interpretation One

This Obulette represents Unity, the Unity of the Promise. There is peace in Unity as the “one” is being cradled by the “whole.” There is Unity in thought, in purpose and in love. The four white squares or diamonds near the border represent both the Promise and all life-giving substances. These substances may come in the form of food, energy, information, (like a computer chip), or manna offered from God. This manna is whatever we need to sustain our bodies, souls, spirits, minds, etc. This manna rests on the Hand of God, (dark blue/purple), outstretched and pointing for you to take this gift.
The center white area is Kuma or All That Is. It is the center of time and space and is very powerful, high energy. We Are One, through Unity. The peach “fingers” reaching outwards from this center reflect the Precursor of the New Order, that of love, knowledge, and acceptance. These shapes express a bursting from the heart like spreading the news as it moves quickly like a shock wave. It is a change in a way of being, an awareness of consciousness moving across the Universe, of Light moving into a void, of Love moving into Fear.
Obulette Maytex

Interpretation Two

This oubliette is about Beauty and the creation of it in its many forms. It is about finding the beauty and the symmetry of All That Is. There is a grace about this image, a gentleness and a sound which speaks not only of Beauty but also of balance, harmony, and safety.

How regal this shape is as it appears to be a representation of a being. It almost has a face and wings as a guide, or an angelic being would. It is very dynamic, powerful, and resourceful. 

Maytex depicts Truth and that we are not just an individual but also the angelic helpers and the God. The illusion is that we are thrust out on our own, but the truth is that we are all connected in Unity.