Interpretation One

Tonika represents Control and Fear. “Doing it right” and “looking good” are huge forms of control. We are encouraged to not speak our truth. A frequency of control is constantly being blasted into our environment. There is a constant barrage of miss-information and ways we are being controlled of which we are not aware.

Our Voice is very powerful when used to speak and teach our truth. A way to break through this perceived control is through voice, by just saying no. What if we just didn’t accept this any longer? We find our own God/truth by checking with our bodies through feeling and sensing to discover what is right for us. We must let go of our heroes and bring the power back to ourselves through sovereignty.

The unusual feature of eyes in this Obulette represent anger, control, “being above” and “being watched.” The eye closest to the outer edge is felt in the heart, within the self. It is the human aspect, watching the other two eyes while deciding where to hang the truth.

Also unique to this graphic is the lack of an obvious center shape. The symbols representing The Creator sit on the outer edge, depicted as yellow spheres. This shows that the Creator hovers over this process, experiencing it all through us but is not a part of the control.

We have a choice of what our life will be like. We are responsible for creating our reality. We now need to be accountable.

Obulette Tonika

Interpretation Two

This image seems very foreign. It feels like it will pull the viewer into it. There is a sense of movement, of the black shapes moving over the white. There is no fear but a feeling of being watched. The universe represented here is alien and there seems to be little interest in interaction. There is no portal for communication. Those represented are interested and curious, but they have no desire to communicate, only to observe in order to glean information for advancing their technology. To see this in another way, this could be a germ’s eye view backwards through a microscope as no emotion comes from this.