Interpretation One

Evangelene depicts the Depth of the Real Truth: Love. These blue eight-pointed star shapes can be referred to as Life Stars. They represent malleable crystal beings whose form is laughter, joy, peace, and blessings. The Life Star called the Depth of Experience is about seeing the sorrow and finding the joy in the sorrow, known as finding the silver lining. This lesson is about taking your emotions and enjoying them as even in sorrow there is gladness. The Depth of Joy is about being connected and so very joyful. This message is from ourselves in the future returning to us in the present offering guidance to be on track, be on time, be focused and to stay in joy, for in our joy is the truth.
In addition to the Depth of Experience and the Depth of Joy, other Life Stars have their own individual lesson of depth. The Depth of Love is love that is on the other side of hate. We see love turning to hate but we don’t see hate turning to love, as it does. The Depth of Feeling includes the lofty feelings and emotions connecting us with spirit. The Depth of Laughter is deeper than we realize, as it is the laughter that comes from joy. We don’t understand the Depth of Beauty until we go inside of what we see to find it. The Depth of Sound is deeper than we can understand as this refers to the tones of the Universe, ever present and beyond our vibrational patterns. And can you imagine the Depth of Creation? This represents all creation as through a song, a drawing, a planet, etc. We experience creation through innumerable experiences.
Obulette Evangelene

Interpretation Two

The eight dark blue stars appear to be guides who represent hundreds of thousands of guides. The white center represents a peaceful and enlightened individual who is receiving inspiration and love while dispensing that same sweet, love energy. This individual knows its power and is able to manage it, handle it, accept it and hold it. At some point there is a shift where energy going back out and touching the guides so that in the process of giving there is more of a return in the giving back. There is much joy when an individual can get to this place where they can hold this energy and return it.