Creative Writing


Infinite Lake

The infinite lake is our one-conscious mind,
Sharing these waters with others we find
Whatever one does is shared with another
Choose this kindly for your sister and brother

The pebble named peace that you toss in the lake
Will create many rings on the journey it takes
These rings, as they land on far distant shores
will bring many blessings and open new doors


All are connected in conscious embrace

Combined together in one human race

Everything made or created with mind

Flows ever out to all of mankind      
to all of mankind      to all of mankind

The pebble called joy that you fling far and wide
Will seek out those people unwilling to hide
Your joy is the light that brightens the earth
Sharing your light is living your worth

I could toss out hate or prejudice –yet
If I were to wager just on little bet
I’d see that the benefit of choosing more grace
Would put a smile on everyone’s face


Taking a journey on the infinite lake requires choices
That you’d want to make

You can share your patience, your wisdom and love

By tossing your pebbles of joy from above

Lyrics by Carol Lehnert,


Melody is from “Come As You Are” by David Crowder

Dramatic sky over Sand Harbor