Creative Writing


Infinite Lake

The Infinite Lake is our one-conscious mind,
Sharing these waters with others we find.
Whatever one does is shared with another,
Choose this kindly for your sister and brother.

The pebble named Peace that you toss in the lake
Will create many rings on the journey it takes.
These rings, as they land on far distant shores
Will bring many blessings and open new doors.

All are connected in conscious embrace
Combined together in one human race.
Everything made or created with mind
Flows ever out to all of mankind..

The pebble called joy that you fling far and wide
Will seek out those people unwilling to hide.
Your joy is the Light that brightens the Earth
Sharing your Light is living your worth.

I could toss out hate or prejudice yet,
If I were to wager just one little bet,
I’d see that the benefit of choosing more grace
Would put a smile on everyone’s face.

Taking a journey on the Infinite Lake
Requires choices that you’d want to make.
You can share your patience, your Wisdom and Love
By tossing your pebbles of joy from above.

Poem by Carol Lehnert

February 7, 2019

Kitty Chaos

Kitties rocking on their toes
Sniffing dust bunnies with their nose
Digging up dirt from potted plants
Searchin’ to find some frisky ants.

Chasing balls across the floor
Crashing headlong into doors
Dragging toys clenched in their teeth
Eyeing now a high-hung wreath.

Grape ivy on the piano sitting high
’Til little claws come sweeping by
With leaves ’n stems strewn across the floor
The kitties move on in search of more.

One likes to burrow beneath the spread
Or blankets or throws or pillows instead.
The other attacks the moving mound
Over and over as it burrows around.

Running chair laps ‘neath the dining table
“Try to catch me, if you’re able!
I’ll take a bite, I’ve got your tail,
As sweet to me as any cocktail!”

Our next adventure, what will it be?
Ah, let’s climb the ficus tree!
The trunk’s kinda skinny, branches too high
But I’m a-going to keep trying, do or die!

What’s that bowl up on the shelf?
It’s way too high to climb to myself…
So why don’t I launch off that potted plant?
Tho clearly, you’ve requested that I shan’t.

That slinky chain hanging from the lamp
Looks like it needs to be revamped.
So, I’ll pop the shade and tip it over.
The bulb’s now under six feet of clover.

Towels hanging neatly high up on the rod
Would look much better on the floor in a wad!
And all those crumbs from the cardboard box?
I’ll see they’re still around at the next equinox!

Look at that throw rug flat on the floor
Give me a minute and it will be no more.
The lumps and bumps that I scratch into place
Are my contribution to enhancing the space!

That rumbling sound like a Ford V8?
Ah, it’s your purr-motor, there’s no debate!
The volume rises with every stroke.
Who knows what spirits you might invoke?

Time for breakfast – MMM, let’s eat!
Do we hear the trampling of eight little feet?
What’s on the menu, chicken or fish?
Whatever it is when I bite…it goes squish!

Silver, Gray & White

The snow lays white across the land
Winter descends as it was planned
From what was water ice has formed
And will remain ‘til it has warmed

Clouds of gray billow in the sky
Crossing mountains miles high
Erasing any hint of sun
This contest shows just who has won

Shards of silver sparkle bright
When getting just a peek of light
Reflections brilliant as they shine
An image from the horizon line

The frigid air comes in with a blast
Informing all it intends to last
Like a speeding train late to the station
Or a tourist ready to start vacation

Branches are laden heavy with snow
Dropping a load with every wind-blow
And pinecones in blossom all ready to fall
Can hang on no longer due to the squall

Drifts of snow lay awaiting a shovel
Rabbits find branches beneath which to huddle
You’ll catch a squirrel on a 10-yard dash
On his way to uncover his deep, hidden cache

Snowflakes ride on these currents of air
Swirling and drifting they land without care
A winter blanket; gray, silver and white
Nothing so peaceful as this mid-winter sight

White ,Green & Blue

Branches frosted with the white
Of snow just fallen overnight
Limbs sag heavy ‘neath the weight
While sealing shut the garden gate

Each and every crystal flake
Does now a might mountain make
Only sun and warmer days
Will set this mound of white ablaze

Mighty pines of forest green
Poke out from this snowy scene
Standing still in lofty height
Roots forbid them taking flight

Winter’s cold and summer’s heat
Has made their lives less than sweet
Still, Gaia’s soldiers, standing tall
Bravely face what may befall

The brilliant sky of azure blue
Is fresh as if it’s first debut
This color has no start or stop
Search as you may, no bottom or top

These snowy trees and birds in flight
Fly before this brilliant light
They try to catch it, never can
But live their lives as was the plan

New Year's Day

A hand to hold, a gentle touch
Love brimming from your eyes,
Your voice that whispers in my ear
All seem to hypnotize.

Knowing that you’re out there
When you call me on the phone,
Keeps you in my heart space
Where I feel our love has grown.

The flowers that you bring me
Show I’m always on your mind.
You honor not just me alone
But all of womankind.

You take my hand at mealtime
And offer up a grace.
You never see the wonder
In the look upon my face.

Nature walks and late night talks
Seem to stretch the hours
While uncovering gifts within ourselves
Increases our Higher Power.

The love you are, the love you give
Is captured in my heart.
This arrow’s never plunged so deep
As the object of Cupid’s dart.