Interpretation One

Elexia translates as a force or purposeful creating. It describes us as Creators of Worlds. We can create whatever we want by the focusing of energy. The relevance of the colors here can be explained as red being the color of power, blended with although not tempered by white, the color of Light, to express soft, gentle strength while being powerful. Are not women Creators? Pink is the color of Creation and the energy of the Creator.

The large central core is the core of Creation or All That Is, the beginning and the end. The four smaller bursts represent “We as Creators,” springing off from the Source, equally creative and powerful. 

The emanating striped rays are the Rays of the Creative Force beaming out throughout the Universe.

They travel through us, around us and past us. They are an ever-present force. The wavy lines represent the possibilities within the force of creation and also the vibrant, excited energy of the Creative Force.

Four dark pink squares near the edge are portals like doors that swing both ways. We can go into this place of force to Creation or come out and manifest things by thought process. These portals go out to all possibilities.

obulette Elexia

Interpretation Two

This is celebration! This is a dance! This is excitement! This acknowledges that we have become aware that it is not the goal that we obtain that has importance but that of being on the journey. It is a place of realizing THE JOURNEY IS THE GOAL! At this point the struggle releases. This celebration is realizing and actually participating in the journey, consciously through our body, our soul, spirit and our intellect. We actually step into that awareness as individuals, as a nation, as a planet, and as a Universe.
Another concept of Elexia shows the evidence of support, of how we draw in energy, where we get support from guidance, the planet, God, the Universe, and the people around us. What is happening to us is happening to the Universe. We are expressions of our Universe.